Monday, January 24, 2011

Menus January 23-29

I've had two days out of the last week where I didn't feel absolutely like crap, so my menus are late, even though I had them done last week.

Sunday- Gluten free spaghetti with meat sauce, used ground buffalo and made sauce since most of them either have wheat or dairy in them.

Monday- Sushi, use smoked tuna, cream cheese, cucumbers, red bell peppers and rice.

Tuesday- Sniffle Stew, gluten free biscuits.

Wednesday- CP Apricot Turkey, brown rice, frozen mixed veggies.

Thursday- Gluten Free baked macaroni and cheese, Kim's version.

Friday- Baked Salmon with herbs, roasted red potatoes with dill and rosemary, green beans.

Saturday- Shepherd's Pie

I got Kim's February Lady Pullover done last night, but it's not blocked yet. She loves it! I also found a really cute beret using the same pattern to use up the rest of the yarn. I started my slippers for Stitches West today and they are so easy. I am almost done with one of them.


Rachel said...

Totally coming over for Mac & cheese, yum! Congrats on getting that pullover done, can't wait to see it !

Knitting is Gluten Free said...

Oooooh, that apricot turkey sounds so good. I have her second cookbook, but I've yet to make anything from it. Thanks for the post.