Sunday, January 16, 2011

Finished a Vest

Nothing new here, knitting away all week, thinking of menu ideas now for the week. Will post those tomorrow.

I did finish the hooded vest as a test knit for Samantha Roshak. I went downtown Portland on Wednesday and found some clasps I am going to try on it. They are darker than the picture shows, they don't have the gleam on them.

It's hard to see the color here but it's a dark green with blue in it. Malabrigo worsted in Verde Azul. Oh, if you go to my Flickr account you can see both of the pictures I uploaded to Ravelry and see them bigger there to see the color a little bit better.

I am getting close to being down with Kim's pullover. I finished the front neckline this evening and have put the back stitches back on the needles and will finish that tomorrow. I still have sleeves to do, but we think we might do short sleeves, it depends on how much yarn we have left. It looks like half a ball at this point. We started with a full ball and made a good 3/4 of the sweater with it. I don't positively know what yarn it is, but it is a Blue Moon worsted, or dk.

Lily got a new toy this week. It's supposed to keep her mind busy trying to figure out how to get the squirrels (that look like chipmunks) out. She had fun with it the other night and was able to get one out. I see all three on the floor now, so need to stick them back in the stump for later. We are talking in both of them, but you don't need the sound on, we were mostly talking to Robert in the background. I'm loading the videos onto Flickr and it is sooooo slow getting them up.

This first one shows her playing with the stump, trying to figure it out.

This one shows her doing the same and finally getting one squirrel out.

Yesterday I made some yummy breakfast sausages from ground lamb, garlic, sage, salt and pepper. I see more of these in our future. They were easy and freeze nicely making a quick breakfast in the morning later.

I'm listening to a Sherlock Holme's book on tape. The Sign of the Four. I got two versions from the library, one is unabridged and not a super good narrator. The other one is an abridged version done by the BBC. I think that one will be better in forms of voices they will use. :) It is in preparation for a Victorian Writer's club package from Woolgirl. The first one is Sherlock Holmes. We (as a group) are reading a book from each author before that shipment. Should be fun.


Tiggywinkle Knits said...

Stumbled across this blog & thought you might be interested:

It has gluten free, egg free, dairy free, vegan recipes. The Coconut risotto breakfast sounds fabulous!

Sharon said...

Beautiful knit vest!