Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our local fiber festival

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, Canby, Oregon. Just south of Portland about 15 miles.

We went for the Jr. Spinning Competition and for more yarn. (yah, like we really need more yarn)

Kim is in the middle of the girls in the green shirt. There were 4 girls competing.

Setting up the roving, she hasn't started them actually spinning yet.

Spinning their hearts out.

This one on the right end was using a drop spindle and it looked like she was struggling with it. She didn't draft her fiber at all.

The basket stall!! We both came away with large baskets frome here.

Part of the general spinning circle.

The 4 girls getting their results several hours later. They all did very good!! Kim won first in her category of most consistent spinning and even had the longest with 59 yds. The girl who won the spinning wheel? The 2nd one from the left, the one who had been using the drop spindle. They all won ribbons and prizes. Kim came home with a T-shirt and two bumps of roving in green and purple.

Pretty flowers at the farm we stopped at for apples on our way home.

My basket. It's a pretty purple-pink.

Some of our stash.

Soap from Fogwash Soap Company

Lots of Duet Sock Yarn from A Swell Yarn Shop. And some from Butternut Woolens. And a pattern from Gardiner Yarn Works.


L-B said...

Way to go,Kim!
And thanks for the OFFF pics,Tammy! These are the first I've seen today!
And what a fantastic picture of you both in the new Spin-off!! Wow!

Necia said...

This post rocks! My son tries to be all involved too, with my love for fiber arts.


Roxie said...

Yayy Kim! Let's see some pictures of those prizes.

You're in the new Spin-off? Where, where? I haven't got my copy yet and I can hardly wait!

Lovely post, lovely pictures, and what a lovely time was had by all!