Monday, September 10, 2007

I can breath again

No pictures today. I have some to share, they just haven't made it to my computer. Thank you for the good wishes on my migraine. I was able to get it under control and by the next day I was feeling much better. However, we had a lot of work around the house to do to get ready for a visit from my parents this last week. So I went from a headache into major cleaning mode. Fortunately it was a holiday weekend and I had Monday to get more stuff done. They came in on Wednesday late afternoon.

We did some fun errands on Thursday morning with my mom. Portland Music was one of the stops and Kim now has a music stand for her harp. Our next stop was a fabric store. WHOA NELLY!! I found 4 different pieces of material that had Sunbonnet Sue all over them and one with Farmer Sam. If you remember last year I was part of a quilt block swap and received Sunbonnet Sue as my blocks. I had a quilt as a child that I wanted to somewhat recreate. So this was really cool.

Later in the day, Kim had her appointment with the cardiologist. It was better news than we had received with John. Her murmur has not changed since she was in 3 years ago!! We thought it might have because of the growth spurt she has gone through, but so far nope. She will go in for a check up in another 3 years or so. If it doesn't change, then she will only need to be watched if she ever decides to become pregnant. That was a relief!!

Friday was mom's birthday and I can't remember what we did!! Oh we did piddly errands like the bank to change some accounts that I am on, a Costco run, stuff like that. I did convince my brother to come for dinner that evening and we had Kim's specialty of Mexican Lasagne, cornbread, chips and salsa and salad. We also had warm brownies with ice cream. I gave my mom an Orenburg Lace style shawl that I had bought last December from CIC. It was in a soft pink color and she loved it!!

On Saturday we visited the local nature park. My dad used his scooter on the paved trails so he could enjoy it with us. He can't walk long distances as he has neuropathy in his feet. He is also very unsteady now. Later that evening we went to one of the schools in Portland to see the Vaux's Swifts come in. This is what I have pictures of. It was so cool. If you read the articles about it, the descriptions are exactly what we saw. 10,000's of Swifts!!

Yesterday mom and dad headed out. Actually, we kind of booted them out to my aunt's house for a few days until they drive back home. Robert and my dad spent the day with my brother out on a lake. (My brother has a boat that he wanted to take dad out in), and mom took us into Portland for a SnB at Twisted, then she headed to my aunt's on the east side of town. We are relieved to have our home back to normal!!


Kristin said...

That's very good news from the cardiologist! I saw the article about the Vaux's swifts. That's so cool! I wish we were closer so we could get over there to see them.

Deb said...

That is a full week! I'm so happy you received such good news:) I'm sure that took a weight off all your shoulders.
I'm sad I missed Twisted. I hope you all had fun.