Sunday, May 13, 2007

Roses for Mother's Day

Thanks to Roxie for this post about roses.

Years ago, maybe 12, maybe longer, I was given a lavender rosebush for Valentine's Day. For many years, it has bloomed just in time for Mother's Day, until the last few years anyways. This year our red rosebush, a Mister Lincoln has bloomed this week just in time for Mother's Day. Our lavender rosebush isn't far behind though.

I haven't fed my roses this year. I need to do that as in the food is the stuff that will take care of the blackspot and mold that roses have a tendency toward. I love my roses and can't wait for a pretty lavender one to grace my table.

Happy Mother's Day.


Roxie said...

Such pretty, healthy rose bushes you have. Ours have gone feral. Unpruned for two years, un-tended, and thriving in scrawny, straggly glory. We DO live in a wonderful place, don't we?

Tammy said...

They kind of look healthy, I was taking certain angles so you can see some of the icky leaves. :) This morning I had a surprise though. I walked out to our backyard, which we haven't done anything with since March, and the two rosebushes up against the house are literally in full bloom. I didn't trim them this year, so when they started new growth back in February, it just continued and now has literally dozens of roses on it!!