Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Purple and other pretty colors

Pretty purple shoes that I found today at the local shoe store.

They match the pretty sweater that I am making. Sleeves are mostly done, then on to the back.

Other pretty colors from our wild backyard. The Oriental Poppies have Popped this week, well at least 6 of them.

Roses that were never trimmed this year on our garage wall. I didn't see them until after Mother's Day.

Rhubard that probably needs to be picked and USED!!

And more pretty purple flowers.

I received a new computer for Mother's Day (big surprise!!) and it has a huge learning curve. I have to take a class or two or three for it.


Roxie said...

Love colors! Pretty shoes. Finish that sweater and wear the ensemble on June 8?

Lavendersheep said...

Your garden is gorgeous! I, myself, am off to go put in an onion bed today!

Theresa said...

Just a perfect match all around!

Rachael said...

Oh WOW- all the colors are pretty but the rhubarb is eye poping. Amazing!

Tammy said...

Good idea Roxie!! I was going to try for BSG, but KIP is better.

I take specific pictures outside so you can't see how overgrown some things are. The weeds have gone rampant, and I have a hard time going out there during allergy season.

Some of these pictures just popped up on my camera. Kim will go out and take pictures that I don't know about. That's how I got the rhubard and the purple flowers.