Friday, May 18, 2007

A Fun Contest

Ali at is having a pre-summer contest. So, the rules are:

1. Leave a comment on her blog (this post) letting Ali know what color you want and mention who's blog you heard about the contest on.......

2. Then head to your blog and post a list of your summer knitting goals (there may be an end-of-summer contest of some sort to celebrate summer knitting accomplishments) and mention this contest (with a link to this post )

3. Last email Ali with the link to your post! (ali AT skeins her way DOT com) Be sure to mention in your post for anyone who follows your link to let her know what blog they jumped from as every "referral" will earn you another entry!

Contest will run through the end of the month (May) and her talented children will draw three winning names (or secret blogging identities) out of a container of some sort on June 1st.

What can we win? First place winner will receive 1 copy of the tank pattern along with 4 hanks of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton in their choice of colors! Second & third place winners will each receive a copy of the pattern and whatever other goodies happen to jump into the package just before sealing and sending!!

The first two are early June projects, but the rest are over the summer.

1. Finish my lilac colored Whitney cardigan. DONE June 15, 2007

2. Start and finish a felted button bag by the middle of June.

3. Start my KISS bag to use for a computer bag. Need this one very soon too!!

4. Grasshopper socks in knee highs.

5. Finish Mystic Sea socks. DONE May 30/31

6. Chevron Scarf

7. 4th of July Red, White and Blue socks. DONE July 2, 2007

8. Finish Bridgit's Baby Blanket started last summer!!

9. Several blocks for the Aran Afghan, which I stalled on.

10. Tank of some kind. Have various yarns in stash that would work for it.

This is a good idea to have a list of some kind to try to follow this summer. Distractions about though.

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Yarn Thing said...

Love the plans! Go get 'em tiger :-)