Saturday, April 28, 2007

I meant to come back and finish posting about camp, but I spent 4 days at BMFA helping get the April Sock Club packages out, and I am just worn out from camp and sock club and life. I have even been going to bed at a pretty decent time, and I haven't gotten the creeping crud that some of the campers came home with.

I don't remember all I was going to finish telling you about camp, but I will give it a try.

On Thursday we took a whale watching trip. Didn't see any whales, but did see bald eagles, stellar sea lions on their migration to Alaska, beautiful scenery and plenty of knitting!!

Most of these ladies are sockateers. From the left is Tina, dyer extraordinaire, then Sus in the corner, (a sockateer), Sheila (not a sockateer), Marilyn and Deb, both sockateers. They are all great ladies!!

Player organ in Moran Mansion. We heard a concert on Thursday evening with Christopher Peacock. It was wonderful!! He plays the piano as well and there is a history of the area to go with it.

Cat and Stephanie doing one handed knitting with each other. Kind of like the 3-legged race.

The whale watching tour had its own yarn and pattern. The colorway is Lunasea, the pattern is The Mystic Sea, which was the name of the boat we were on. Cass, my side-kick for camp designed the pattern. It is pretty easy, I just haven't had time to pick it up since I've been home.

The chicken that came home with me. It was made by Susan one of the other sockateers. I have been keeping company with them lately and have had a great time getting to know them.

The feather and fan scarf that I started just the weekend before camp, took it with me and didn't get much done on it..............................................................

is now stretched out and drying so it can be sent off for the ISE4. It has got to be almost 6 feet long. Mine is going to the UK, and I know that the one I am getting is coming from the UK. I do know that mine isn't going to the person who is doing mine. I'll share more later after my recipient receives it.

Lilacs that were in full bloom when I got home from camp. They still are, and Kim goes out each week for a new branch to fill the house with the lovely fragrance.
I realized today that my blogiversary was this week, two days ago in fact. I passed right over it. Hmm, there was something else I was going to write about, but now can't remember it.

Oh, I know. When I returned home from camp, I had a large package waiting for me. It was a surprise package from Donna. Lavendar yarn, lavendar soap, magazine, chocolate, goodies for Kim from Donna's daughter. It was wonderful!! Thank you!!


Kristin said...

Hi Tammy,
I just posted my final camp post and it's very similar to yours! I hope you manage to get some good rest.

Roxie said...

Camp cockamamie looks like one unremitting round of fun! No wonder it has taken everyone so long to recover. Welcome home.

Is it too early to start planning to meet for Stephanie's book-signing in June?

Tammy said...

Nope, never to early to plan to meet for the book signing!! I plan to be there, I told her if there were hats that folks brought for donation, I would be her hat-taker person.

Oh and in answer to your previous question about how to go to sock camp, I am pretty sure it is for members only of the Rockin' Sock Club, previous or current.