Thursday, November 09, 2006

Here, There and Everywhere

I totally lost my post. I had most of it written up and started having problems with my connection, thinking it was automatically saved, I cycled my computer off, pulling this up to find that it was all gone. There was no draft or anything!!! URGH!

Sunday saw us renting a small moving truck so we could move some of the bigger/heavier items from my grandma's room. We ended up with a curio cabinet, two small rocking chairs and a bookcase that matches one already in ds's room. It rained off and on, but nothing major. The major storm was headed our way though later that evening, with heavy winds, and lots of rain over several days, enough to cause serious damage on the coast; east of Mt. Hood, and in several areas of Washington.

Here's the mess I made Sunday after we got back with our treasures.

The bookcase that was on the living room wall, is now in the dining room, to make way for the curio cabinet.

Where you see the pinkish chair, it is still there as well as my yarn stash in a chest behind the chair.

The piano is back where it was before I started moving things around weeks ago.

Kim has organized the various knick-knacks that we have acquired over the past two years as grandma was trying to simplify her home. They look very nice with all of the family photos she has added. In the drawers, cupboards and pullout, is more of my knitting supplies, and various magazines.

On Monday Kim and I headed back to the east side where we helped my aunt, mom and dad clean out the rest of grandma's room. We came home with an almost full backend and back seats of our van. Some of the stuff was to go home with mom and dad, some to stay here with us. One of the items is a beautiful engraved table with elephant heads for the legs. It poured most of the day.

Tuesday saw us driving to Seattle for an exhibit of The Dead Sea Scrolls at the Pacific Science Center. It rained cats and dogs on us, fortunately I was not driving!! We saw flooded rivers and stuff floating down those same rivers. There was only one spot in the road on our way home where the water had come up onto the roadway. It was part of one lane on I-5, so it wasn't too bad. The Dead Sea Scrolls were interesting. They had some hands on activities, but we didn't stay too long in that area. There were audio things that each of us carried so we could punch in the number of the specific area and depending on the number, it would be an adult version or an easier family version. In the area where the pieces of scrolls were, they had very dim lights and the lights on the scrolls were rotating off and on. They have special conditions that they keep these fragments under so they don't deteriorate as quickly.

Wednesday afternoon we attended the memorial service. It was quite good, except for the music. I think the CD player was on its last legs. The pastor had an exceptional talk about grandma knitting her life together and passing the knitting on to us. I think it really spoke to Kim and myself the most. I wish I could remember more of it, and I wonder if it was recorded at all. Highly unlikely. My uncle read a remembrance of grandma's life, and later my mom did another one of her own memories. That piece is saved on one of the computers here at our house.

Sunday we will take them to the airport and we may be able to get back to some semblence of life around here. I hope anyways.

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