Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Living Room Furnishings

I did take some pictures today of the two areas I moved around on Sunday. It is still cluttered, but not as bad. The loveseat may have a new home tonight, much to the dismay of dd. She is a worse packrat than I am!!

The wall on the far right with the three hangings has not changed. The mirror and 4 plaques are newly hung!! They are black lacquer and mother of pearl inlaid. I don't remember exactly what country they are from, but I do have it written down in my grandmother's handwritting. The elephant lamp is from her as well. The medium size teddy bear on the far right, she knit a long time ago. A lot of the knick-knacks on the piano are from her, as well as the stuff that is barely visible on the top of the bookshelf.

The spoon collection on the walls were started by grandma. She tried to get me interested in collecting stamps, but I had no interest at all. Then she tried this. I have probably been collecting them for close to 25 years. She gave me the rest of her own collection when she moved into assisted living. The one lone holder is full of the state quarter spoons from the US Mint.

See how the couch takes up too much of that wall? The piano didn't take as much room!! I am anxious to get it moved out!!

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Michelle said...

Hi Tammy. I caught your blog from the KTS2. I love you quarter spoons. I collect spoons too, but I hadn't seen those.