Thursday, November 02, 2006

Blood Donations

I thank God that my grandma did not have to go through extraordinary measures. She wanted to go quickly and preferably in her sleep. I think that's how most of us want to go. I got an email from my aunt when I checked this morning. She is so strong and has been through putting grandma into assisted living, moving her to a second assisted living home and now this. But she is human and I think this is going to be hard on her. I stopped at a newish little shop in the Pearl District and bought some goodies for her. I'll try to remember to post a picture after I give them to her.

I found some red yarn, superwash I think, and I am going to make some grandma socks for myself. Red was one of my grandma's favorite colors. And one of her patterns that she used frequently for baby blankets, Feather and Fan, like the shawls I made this summer. (I am using mine quite frequently now, especially as I sit at my computer) I am going to make Feather and Fan socks. I think there is a pattern somewhere, but I'm not going to search it out. I think I can figure it out on my own.

Now on to the original subject of this post. On one of my sock groups, a woman posted about blood donations, a blog contest, etc. Check it out here. As a younger woman, I couldn't give blood. My dad gave all the time, every chance he got. He probably got one of this 50 pints pins, he gave so much!! Then in 1990, he had to have a heart valve replaced. We didn't know previously that he had this problem with his heart, but we did know that I had it from the time I was a small girl. That's why I couldn't give blood. Anyways, after dad's surgery, he has been on Coumadin a blood thinner, and can't give blood anymore. After I had my surgery, they were able to repair mine, so several years later, I started giving blood. I don't give all of the time, I never seem to have my iron count up enough, but I try anyways. I'd say that it's a once a year occurance when my count is just right. So, if you can, go give blood this year. It can save someone's life.

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