Monday, September 04, 2006

Another Post Today of FO's!!!

This weekend has been somewhat productive. I got the kids pictures back up on the wall. The spoon collection is now back up as well. I had to take them down a few weeks ago for the roof to be done. I also changed the living room around a bit. I didn't take any pictures of it though, so you just have to imagine it. In one corner I had a love seat that was angled from the corner so I could "stash" stuff behind it. Back there was the leaf to our dining room table, and probably 2/3 of my yarn/fiber stash. It wasn't easy to get to, so I thought I would pull everything out and repackage it, or get rid of some of the yucky yarn that I know I won't use. I pulled everything out, moved the couch out of the way and moved the piano into that corner. It pulls the piano more into the room and it should be safer from the cold of the front door, and the heat of the wood stove come winter. I put the love seat on the little wall that the piano was on, and it is too much for that wall. It probably sticks out to the front another 6 inches than what the piano did, so I am going to get rid of it. I've offered it to the neighbors for their basement, but haven't heard back from them yet. If no one wants it, it will either go on freecycle, or there is an organization in Portland that gives these things out to the homeless who are just starting up in new homes. Now my stash is out in the open and I have boxed it up into large totes. I have one that is all acrylic that I do have a use for, one that is all wool, a nice chest that is a mix of both, and three baskets with a mix. There are also two big bags, one with acrylic that is designated for hats and scarves for local organizations and one that is all wool for CIC/Russian orphanages. I also cleaned out some of the book shelves, but the extra books are now in the big room with no place to go yet.

I also got two knitted items done. I started these socks back in July after finishing the last vest for CIC. I put them done after dropping dd at the airport, that first weekend of August, which was kind of dumb. I was just on the toe of the second one and could've finished it in an afternoon. But today I finally got it done.

If you notice on this first one, that little gray yarn stub about half way down on the right? That's what was left of one of the strands of yarn I was working with. TOO CLOSE for my comfort!!

On this second one, the little ball of yellow is what is left of the rest of the yarn.

I finished my Feather and Fan shawl on Saturday, but got all of the ends woven in this morning. It measures 83 inches by 30 inches when all pulled out. I used 6 skeins of LionBrand Microspun on size US 7 needles. It has a seed stitch border on all sides. I will have dd take some pictures of me modeling it later.

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Heide said...

I love your feather and fan shawl. That is quite a bit of good luck with the yarn and sock finishing! Thank you for your welcome to the PDX area. We actually lived in Beaverton for about a year back in 1998/1999. We were in an apartment and still searching for a house when we were unexpectedly relocated to Spanaway. I'm thinking that this time we'll end up on the Vancouver side of things due purely to economics and my husband's commute. He works at the Airport for the Oregon Air National Guard and he'll be able to jump on 205 and head north. Are there any knitting groups, etc. in the Portland area? I would so love to meet you and others once we're settled. I'm excited about Powell's, the OMSI and all that the area has to offer. Cheers!