Friday, March 07, 2014

March is National Crochet Month

I've never really liked the look of crocheted projects, but lately I've seen some cute patterns.

I've blogged about most of this on Monday, but felt like I need to do an official post about it.

March is National Crochet month. I came across a group on Ravelry that is doing a 52 week challenge, starting this week.  I will be posting each week about a different thing, trying to follow their prompts. This week the question is, "How do you celebrate National Crochet month?" I've actually been trying to up my knowledge about crochet. We occasionally have customers come into the shop asking for help with their projects. I would like to help them and by learning more crochet terms and stitches I feel like I can actually help them. I guess I do have goals, like finishing several crochet projects that I've started, and trying to design a cute cowl that I've seen online.

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