Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Drive by pictures!

New Stitch Fix Clothes 

Cute dress, but it's a bit gappy in the bust and underarms. 

Cute knit top, will keep for work and every day.

I love this style and it fits nicely, but the zigs are too much. I know with my migraines if I was looking at it, I'd be cross-eyed before too long.


The sweater fits nice, but the cables and marled look together are too much. You can't see it in the picture very well, we were in a hurry, but the marled makes it look very messy.

This little sweater I will keep as well. The shirt I paired it with is too bulky, so tees or cami's will work well for it.

Tell me what you think? 


KnitStricken said...

I like the dress!

KnitStricken said...

I think tis was a realy nice box for you overall! Lots of good looks!

Susan said...

Don't keep anything you already have reservations about. I liked hearing the thoughts on why these items weren't right for you. So cabled sweater, dress, and zigzags go back.

lavendarknits said...

I decided to keep the dress after a comment that Tami H had on facebook. I like the dress and bought some matching thread to see if I can close up the gaps in the underarm area. The other stuff that I didn't like went back though!

lavendarknits said...

They are all good looks!