Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Back Again!

I was going to try to keep up on my blogging but life got in the way again. We realized that my parent's needed more help than they were getting, so we started looking for a second house for us to buy as an investment and also a home for them to be in, closer to us. We finally found the perfect house in July/August and they moved in the second week of September. 

Nice big yard.

Living room with doors to the deck.

It is really nice having them closer to us, but I don't know that we are actually helping them more. We do go over at least once a week and clean the floors and bathroom. We also make sure the yard is kept up during the Spring, Summer and Fall months. 

In September, John started at Oregon State University in their Pharmacy School. Robert and I went down for his White Coat Ceremony. I was a great experience to see and hear the speakers and what is to come over the next 4 years for John. 

We also added a family member. John and his girlfriend Amanda eloped on the weekend after he drove my parent's up from California. We had a small reception for them during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. 

I clicked on a link a month or so ago and found Stitch-Fix. You answer their clothing and style questions and they send you a package once a month. You keep/buy what you want and send the rest back within 3 days. I've also been shopping to try to find a nice evening/cocktail/formal dress for the cruise that Robert and I will take for our 25th anniversary to Alaska. 

These first 5 photos are the items that I am keeping from Stitch Fix.  The blue dress and earrings I am not keeping. I liked the fit on everything though. The dresses are both a knit of some kind so they have some give to them. The blue one has that exposed zipper on the back which I can not stand at all!! I saw it on Project Runway a few years ago and just did not like it at all. It also has a funny pucker at the hip side seams.

This one is cream with the black lace on the top of it. The black is kind of a velveteen fabric. Fully lined!

The vest is just a light one, not down, but very comfortable. And the cowl has just enough weight to be warm in the coolness of Spring. The red is a nice cool, not warm color and the hearts are really cute on it. I can see myself wearing it quite a bit. 

The fit is a little funny just at the hips. It's like they didn't do a nice curve when they were cutting out the pattern or sewing it. It is fully lined which is not common unless you are buying at Macy's or Nordstrom. 

The earrings are just too big for me to feel comfortable in. 

 These next three dresses I actually found at Kohl's. I must have deleted the fuller length of this first one. The fit was perfect according to Robert, Kim and myself. The dots were just too much though, in a headachy kind of way. If I could find something similar in a solid color, I'd definitely wear it for summer. 

This one fit nicely as well, but none of us like the gathering on the left side. 

This one we all really liked and I will keep it. The length on most of the dresses is just above the kneecap, which I am very comfortable with.
Keeping this one.