Saturday, September 24, 2011

No Sewing Happening!

No sewing has been happening here. I think I'm afraid to, most things I make don't quite fit. I did start my Patternmaking class this last week, so I can't wait to get more information from that. I wish it was every day like the summer series. I'd already have a bodice/skirt sloper made and a start of probably the pants sloper!

We have had some changes in our family though. We added this gorgeous, sweet guy. He was brought into a shelter about an hour away from us, and they sent me an email letting me know he was there. I had signed up for several groups to find a cocker spaniel to adopt. His family gave him up because they had adopted several children from Russia. He was so shut down when we went to see him, but we brought him out and away from the shelter and he really opened up. His name has gone through several changes. When he was a pup in Missouri it was Waylin, out here with his other family, it was Braveheart, and we changed it to Gibson, or Gibs for short. He is fitting in quite well with our family and with Lily.

I've also finished two sweaters, but no pictures of them yet. Maybe tomorrow.

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Tiffany said...

I wish I could find a pattern making class around here. My grandma has all the materials from a class she took though and now my mom has them so hopefully I can learn from them. It's too bad my grandma didn't live long enough to show me how. She made all her kids clothes when they were growing up.