Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fall Fashion Ideas 2011

Fall Fashion Ideas 2011

Belted shirt

Alexander McQueen sheer top
£1,120 -

Knit top
$80 -

Oasis viscose shirt
£20 -

Old Navy jersey top
$10 -

Dorothy Perkins ruched top
£26 -

Geren Ford purple top
$115 -

Monsoon knit top
£48 -

Juicy Couture single breasted blazer
$278 -

Alexander McQueen bootcut pants
€595 -

Alexander McQueen crepe pants
£450 -

Seven For All Mankind patch jeans
£170 -


Anonymous said...

Hey! Saw your post that you wanted help re mood board.

Photoshop and this site (where you can upload a photo and it gives you a palette) helped me a lot!

I'll be posting mine on my blog tomorrow :)

Tammy said...

Thanks Mandy! I have Photoshop, but haven't loaded it onto my computer. I did make it to colourlovers though. I got the colors there, but haven't done too much more with it.

N. Maria said...

My have got exquisite taste in clothing! Love all your choices!
Time to see if I can duplicate them with some personal sewing time. Thank you for a great post!