Monday, January 17, 2011

Menus January 16-22

This time I printed out our fancy Menu Planner that has the days of the week, B, L, and D and on the back it has the grocery list with it divided out by store sections. Robert made it up for me back when we lived in Corvallis I think. I haven't used it in a while and because I am trying harder to not leave everyone to their own devices, I figured it was better to print it out and start now. It makes life a lot more organized.

Last week, we ended up not doing the BBQ chicken or the Beef and Broccoli. One of those days we decided leftovers were in store and the other day I can't remember what we had.

Sunday- beef fajitas with peppers, onions, mushrooms, corn tortillas, sour cream and chopped spinach

Monday- Leftovers from the weekend--mashed potato patties, steamed broccoli, CP Best Brussel Sprouts from More, Make it Fast, Cook it Slow. Pho noodle soup?

Wednesday- Turkey Lettuce Wraps like PF Changs does, roasted root vegetables. I found the Chicken Lettuce Wrap recipe years ago and have not tried it with turkey yet. Kim can't have chicken, and we will use GF soy sauce.

Thursday- Grilled Leg of Lamb, Greek Quinoa Salad, Hummus and chips, tzatziki sauce

Friday- Baked Potatoes, chili from freezer, swiss chard

Saturday- Spaghetti with meat sauce using ground buffalo, chopped salad

Any of these days could be swapped out for leftovers if there is too much stuff in the fridge or if we have other things come up.

I recently bought both cookbooks from the website A Year of Slow Cooking. It's easier for me to look at a cookbook than to try to search for things on her blog. That doesn't mean I will stop reading her blog.

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Knitting is Gluten Free said...

You've inspired me, as you always do. What great menus!