Monday, October 11, 2010

Image heavy post of Ireland and Scotland

Loopy's first trip out of the US.

It was a long plane ride! First across the US to Atlanta, Georgia, then on to Dublin, Ireland.

Our first meal on Irish soil. Fish and chips. It was amazing! I wish the fish was served like this in the US, instead of small pieces.

Loopy's first tea.

Ha'penny Bridge

Crossing the River Liffey.

Our first Irish breakfast. Kim enjoyed these breakfasts, she did pretty good eating gluten and dairy free. We are sure she did get some stuff she couldn't eat, but overall she didn't react to them. (she didn't eat the toast or the eggs)

Jameson's Distillery, evening music, Irish dancing and yummy whisky and dinner.

Molly Malone in the middle of Dublin.

Robert and I got to go out for one coffee and scones by ourselves. :) It's a cute little restaurant called Queen of Tarts. We ate there a couple of times.

This was a fun place. The only brewpub in Dublin, The Porterhouse. They had some awesome brewed there beers and local ciders. Kim is drinking soda. Mine is a cider.

Loopy imbibing at The Porterhouse.

There are almost no Starbucks there, just small cafes. I think we were there for 4 days before we say this one. And no I didn't go in. I didn't travel across the world to go to a Starbucks!

Temple Bar, we didn't go there, it's super touristy, but we did go up and down this section of town a lot!

A cathedral up the road, I don't remember the name of it.

We wondered how many kegs of Guinness are gone through in one evening in Dublin. We asked at the Guinness factory, but never got an answer.

Guinness bottles through the years.

I drank nearly a full pint of Guinness, it is so different than in the US, it is much smoother.

Kim got sick with a bad cold about half way through Ireland, but we found an awesome cheesemonger and brought back cheese for a cheese party on her bed. We also found gluten free crackers for her. They were all sheep and goat cheeses.

A Scottish bagpiper in Ireland, waiting for his gig at the Dublin Castle.

Christchurch Cathedral, across the street from our hotel.

Street corner in Dublin.

The prop jet that took us to Scotland!

Pretty grounds as we were coming up to land.

The countryside in Scotland and Ireland both is very similar to Oregon! Lots of green and fields like the Willamette Valley.

Holyrood Palace, home to the Queen during summer holidays.

The Hermitage, a lot like the woods in Oregon!

This is only a small portion of the pictures we took on our trip! It was a great time for our family, though we were very grateful to be back home where there was fresh fruit and vegetables.


Rachel said...

Gorgeous pix! I wish I could see all of them! I want to be at your cheese party and I would have definitely gone into that starbucks :p)

Lavendersheep said...

Awesome photos! We saw a lot of the same things you did. I wish we were able to do a bit more traveling. Scotland looks awesome. Thanks for the tips for traveling too. It really helped us out!

Caroline said...

I can't believe it's taken me this long to see your pictures, their great! Next time you should bring me :P

Sharon said...

Just getting caught up on my friends blogs, sorry it took me so long! Awesome pics! So glad you all had a good time on your trip.