Saturday, September 12, 2009

A couple of finished items

I started this Hoodie last year around the end of September, got the back done, one of the fronts and started the second front. I put it down to do some Christmas knitting and didn't get back to it until March or so. I thought I would get it done fairly quickly, but you know how life gets in the way. I finished sewing the seams earlier this week. It is very comfy and toasty. I need to find buttons for it, and I plan to do some little crochet closures. I also need to block it quite a bit. It is a snug fit and could be longer. I made the 40" size too and was good on gauge. I think it makes an excellent Fall cardigan.

Specs: Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky
Yarn: Alpaca With a Twist--Highlander
Colorway: It must be a number, but it is a rich dark chocolate brown with cream flecks.
Needles: US size 4 for my loose gauge.

I hadn't made a Clapotis yet, and upon freezing at the convention center during Sock Summit, I realized I needed a wrap of some kind for future events.

Specs: Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Yarn: Silkie Socks That Rock
Colorway: Blech
Needles: US 6

I've been busy canning more stuff in the last couple of weeks. Tons of peaches, peach jam, spiced peach jam, peach chipotle sauce, apricot jam, apricot chipotle sauce, salsa, dilly beans, picked Elderberries and made a large jar of syrup for cold and flu season and froze 5 qts for later use.

Now, I'm working on a cute lace pair of socks for Kim. I've never knit with Cherry Tree Hill. I like it, but the tiny needles are killing my wrists so I don't knit on them for too long.

Please keep my mom and dad in your thoughts and prayers. Dad is in the hospital again, possibly with a heart related issue, we aren't sure yet. I may end up driving the kids and myself down this week to see grandpa, as John starts classes next week and won't be able to get away until Christmas. He hasn't seen grandpa in over a year so it's past time!


PNWBookGirl said...

I hope your father does well over the next week!

Have hoodie envy. ;-)

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Good vibes and prayers for your father.

Your hoodie looks great. I wish I had used the Higlander; I think it will probably wear better than the worsted wool that I chose. I was just feeling cheap at the time! Lesson learned.

Robyn said...

Love the sweater and shawl!

Hope your dad is ok.

Donna said...

Your CPH looks great! I will pick up my clapotis again soon, but it'll be more of a scarf than a wrap.
Keeping your family in my thoughts

Jean in Georgia said...

Love your finished objects! One day I'll tackle that hoodie. :)

Your family will be in my prayers.

JustJen said...

Your folks are in my prayers, as are you, Robert, John, and Kim.

Love your CPH, and I'm thoroughly impressed with your Clapotis. (I finished the first, gave up on the second!)

much love to you and yours!