Sunday, August 16, 2009

Life has been busy lately........

I was involved with working Sock Summit 09! What an experience that was, in a good way of course.(Well, maybe not the exhaustion) I got to see so many friends from all over the US, and meet many more new friends from all over the world! It was an experience well worth it.

Other than that I really haven't had any time for knitting. I've been doing a little bit of spinning, but only at our spinning group. Two of my recent finished spinning objects are Musique based of the painting by that name. It is from the Zen Yarn Garden and her Fibre Club.

and Spring Mix a BFL fiber from Stitch Jones. She's a local that I buy yarn and fiber from once in a while. She'll actually bring her products to our spinning or knitting groups, which I love!

I've also been doing a fair amount of sewing, right before the SS09. Specifically for the Sock Hop that happened one evening. I left my camera in our booth at SS, so didn't get any pics of Kim and myself. :( We still need to do a photo shoot for those outfits. Mine was a 1954 Vintage Vogue Pattern. Lovely blue roses. Kim wore a pink poodle skirt with a black poodle. She did all of the extra embellishments on the poodle, collar, bow, leash. She had a great time dancing the night away too. :) One of our friends from Vancouver, BC was there with her boyfriend, and he loves to dance, so Kim had a great dance partner to practice her ballroom moves with. Seriously, Angela, thank you for letting Doug dance with her. :)

The other thing I've really been enjoying are these tomatoes!

4 lbs of tomatoes came home with me from our CSA share this week, as well as cucumbers and 2 large bags of basil. So here we have at least 4 kinds of tomatoes, I know one is Brandywine, the others are orange and yellow and a regular red one; some lemon cucumber, slivers of fresh basil, slivers of red onion, fresh cubed mozzarella, some garlic, a couple of dashes of Balsamic Vinaigrette and some salt and pepper. Yummy!

The only other thing to share right now is this really cool mug that followed me home from SS09. JenniethePotter!