Monday, April 06, 2009

Pay no attention to the sweater behind the curtain

The February Lady Sweater in that last post. I am going to rip it out. I don't like how the sleeves pooch out mid way in the garter section. If I rip back to just a couple of rows after the increases, I should be better off. I am going to wait until I see some of my knitting friends on Wednesday, I think. I see some other ones this afternoon, so I may ask them what they think and start it sooner. I'm bummed, but I really enjoy knitting this sweater so it's not too horribly bad. ;)

Sunday, April 05, 2009


According to my daughter I need to blog more. I think about it quite often and even compose blog posts in my mind. I just never get further than that. Today I'll just say that I am fighting another cold/cough and show you some FO's.

This is my Lovey Helena. It is a pattern from It is done in Heavyweight STR in the colorway Love. It is probably a size 18 months. It will be headed to my cousins house this week as her littlest one is having a 1st birthday pretty soon. :) If you can't tell, it has picot cuffs around the sleeves and bottom hem. So cute!

Leyburns that I knit for Kim out of some Zen String Serendipity Sportweight, colorway is Chocolate Cherries. It took me way to long to knit these for her! I try to customize socks to feet and it's more difficult if they aren't my own feet. As you can tell, it's sunny here today. Wonderful, except for the stuffy/runny nose that accompanies nice weather. :)

My second February Lady Sweater. This one in Woobu from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, colorway is Atomic Six. I just need to do some buttonloops and sew on the buttons I bought while we were in downtown in March. With the sun and warmth today, it should dry fairly quickly.

I have one more February Lady Sweater to make and it will be for Kim. It is in a lovely green, like grass. She found the yarn at the Blue Moon Sale in December.