Sunday, March 15, 2009

What's In Your Basket O Shame?

Over at Honey and Ollie, Rainy posted a KAL of sorts to finish those projects that have been hanging out for way too long in the knitting basket. Go check out her rules and join us. Let me know what's in your Basket O Shame!

Oh, just so you know, I did not include any of my current projects that I am enjoying like the February Lady Sweater, Kim's Leyburns, and my Central Park Hoodie. Ok, I may not be enjoying two of those, but they are currently being worked on. :)

In my basket of shame at the very top!! is an afghan I started for my husband many years ago when I started back to knitting. He keeps asking about it.

1. Afghan for Robert

2. Chevron Scarf

3. Pirate’s Booty Sweater

4. Knee Hi to a Grasshopper

5. Icelandic Lace Shawl

6. Fingerless gloves started for Robert last year in March

7. 4 seasons afghan that just needs seaming!

8. Aran Afghan KAL that has two out of 20 or so blocks done

9. Mystery Stole #2 I think it is. It is the Scheherazade Stole.

I think that it is it with the shameful ones.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kim's Day

We celebrated Kim's birthday yesterday with lunch out at PF Chang's. We love their Lettuce Chicken Wraps, and have used this recipe at home to recreate when we feel like it. It's the only recipe I have tried and I think it is actually pretty close to the original if not better. Oh, and just so you know, PF Chang's at least over on this side of town is not real busy on a Saturday afternoon!!

We came back home and gave Kim presents.

Two skeins of Stitchjones Sock Yarn. One is the Glam kind with silver sparkles in it. And the other regular sock yarn. The Glam colorway is Garnet and the other is Twisted Sister.

The Twilight Series on audio. (It's for me too, since I've only read the first book. ;))

A ring that she has had her eye on since last year. It has crosses on the outside and on the inside it says, "Guide me waking, Guard me sleeping."

She made her own cake as she wanted to experiment with frosting and fillings. She made a plain vanilla cake and used a can and a half of chocolate cream cheese frosting. For a filling she melted chocolate chips and a chunk of other chocolate and spread it in between the two layers. It hardened up so it was like a chocolate candy bar in between. It was very yummy!!

Happy Birthday my young lady. One more year till your license.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Carrot cake with a pineapple flower and beer brittle. Definitely worthy of an anniversary cake.

The Steel Bridge.

Made in Oregon sign.

Our deck.

Our private hot tub.

Wild skin(terry cloth) robes in our room.

New rings that were originally a Christmas present, came in time for an anniversary.
My beloved is Mine & I am His/Hers.

A beautiful box.....

with a beautiful gift, from my sweetheart. Bought because they match my eyes. (He's a keeper)

Buttons for a new sweater.

Lots of fun wandering in downtown Portland over the last two days. My legs hurt now, from walking so much. :)