Saturday, February 07, 2009


I did mean to come back sooner and time got away from me.

When I went out to take these pictures, they weren't in full sun, it was shaded. However the sun was shining brilliantly. I was getting pictures that were full of white because of the sun. Over exposure I think. I also wanted to play with the macro settings and once I started with that, I found that I could control some other settings that filtered out the extra light. These are the final results.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wow! No substance......

I just took a look at my blog for the last couple of months. What a bunch of hoooey. There's been no substance at all. Ok, so the snow posts and Kim posts are important to me. But, there's been not a lot of knitting going onto the blog. I wondered about that when I joined Ravelry well over a year ago. Ravelry has stolen all of my knitting. In fact, Kim has gotten after me to blog more. So, now I need to go find some pictures of what I have finished in the past month or so.

This is the Leaflet Scarf and Mitts by Anne Hanson of Knitspot. It is for my ISE7 pal. I found online a sportweight from Miss Babs. Love it!! This colorway is called Ironweed and I bought a total of 5 skeins. I used 2 full skeins and a few yards of the 3rd one, so I have almost 3 left. I am thinking Spiraluscious and the mitts to go with them, also by Anne Hanson.

Some spinning I did in January. It was 4 oz of Alpaca, Merino, Silk from Abstract Fibers. I picked it up at OFFF last September. It was heavenly to spin with and I don't think I have shared it with you here. I think I am going to make some bulky mitts with it, or maybe mittens.

In January we went to the coast. Newport to be exact. We went to the Aquarium and the Marine Science Center. Oh and the beach as it was something like a -2 low tide. It was pretty awesome!! We are going back in June for another low tide and camping.

Tomorrow or so I should be back with some Spring pictures, just as the weather changes again. I found crocuses in the yard this week and got some neat pictures of them. Just need to get the pictures onto the computer.