Monday, December 08, 2008

Not much happening here

I haven't had much to blog about lately. Dad was in the hospital for a week. He's not doing to well. His heart is wearing out. Kim is supposed to get her wisdom teeth out this week, but we keep getting a last minute call saying the doctor isn't in. (He had some kind of surgery and hasn't bounce back like they thought) I've been knitting, but it's all Christmas presents and I'm not done with them yet. I did get a pair of socks done, but forgot to take a picture before gifting them. Maybe next week I can get a picture of them on the intended recipient. Hmm, oh Robert's mom is out here for the next week visiting all of us kids. We had her for the weekend, now she's down in Eugene visiting another kiddo, and will go up to Seattle in a day or two to visit two other kids. When we took her to Eugene yesterday we had a mini-family reunion with 3 of the other siblings, nieces and nephews and great niece and great nephew. I put the pictures up on my flickr site. I got a really cute video of John holding the baby too. :) Another set there is the BMFA Destash Sale that was this last weekend as well. I took mil and Kim and both had a good time. Now I need to recuperate and catch up on some more knitting.

Kim holding her little cousin Leela. This is Robert's great-niece. She looks just like her momma at that age.


IrishgirlieKnits said...

I'll keep your dad in my prayers Tammy.

Thank you for posting the stash sale pictures!! That just made my night, felt almost like I was there (well, except I don't have a bag of yarn next to me!). Did my eyes deceive me...was there yarn leftover??!!

LadyLungDoc said...

RE: toe up heel - I used to be all about the short rows, but I got the recipe for a toe up hybrid heel flap from Chrissy Gardiner on the Sea Socks cruise, and have started to use it since it works best for my high instep.