Thursday, October 23, 2008

What a week!

Wow, here it is Thursday night. It's been one incredible week. Last week I got a package in the mail that I didn't share with you. It was from Luxembourg! But, I kept this package mostly closed up because it was a birthday present. It was from a secret swap so I didn't know what it was at first. When I opened it, I read the card before anything else. In the card it did say there was something for Kim, so I let her open that. Today I opened the rest of the package. I have now entered the 40's. I am looking forward to it much more than I did when I turned 30.

Yummy lavender yarn, Belgium Truffles, and a collector's spoon. And of course the felted Phantom for Kim.

Other things that came today for my birthday: many birthday wishes on Ravelry, a singing phone call from my co-workers! And this was from them too. Thank you gals!!

The black ones are grapes, and the other larger brown ones are chocolate covered strawberries. Some of the flower pineapple pieces have cantaloupe balls on them. It is yummy!! We went out for a big lunch today, so this was just the right thing for a snack for dinner tonight.

My family gave me a new watch. I can't get a good picture of it. It is Black Hills Gold, and the outer edge of the clock face has butterflies on it. There is also a butterfly on the face.

Slippers with cables and pompoms, and Halloween socks. Now, I like the slippers and need a new pair, but the socks? I am not a fan of orange, but I will wear them next Friday night. :)

Knitting projects that were finished this week?

We found the ears and a tail that match the red in the yarn, at Party City. We got lucky as we didn't have the armwarmers with us to match them up. She also has a black cat collar with bells on it. She still needs to make her corset, probably a Friday night or Saturday night job as the dance she is going to is on this Sunday night!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Fingerless Gloves

I got a great package in the mail today!! It contained a pair of fingerless lace and cabled gloves made just for me. It was part of a Fall Fingerless Glove Swap. Thank you Readingknitter01 for these great gloves and all the other little goodies!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

I have to share a short video with you. This last weekend I went to the Women of Faith conference here in Portland. Kim did not go with me because she was concerned she would have to leave early and it would ruin it for both of us. I got home Saturday night and we were listening to a new CD I bought at the conference. Nicole C Mullen. LOVE HER! And love the fact that my babydoll is dancing again.

Yesterday we went to the Naturopath again. She had the results from a saliva test that she had Kim do about two weeks ago. Kim's hormone's are whacked! We are going to start out slowly adding certain supplements to help her get back to normal. Cortisol is one hormone that Kim does not produce enough of during the right times of the day. It can affect sleep, and how you handle stress. Progesterone is another one that was under the limits that they like to see in her age. The cortisol supplement we start now, the progesterone after the weekend. There will be some other hormones added probably next month, but for now we start this. Kim has been sleeping somewhat better with the help of the Ashwagandha. YEAH! Over the past two weeks, there has been a visible difference in Kim. She is singing again, smiling more, and definitely dancing more! I was able to get her out of the house on Friday to do several errands with me, then we came home and made up a bunch of picnic food for our group that was attending Women of Faith. We tailgated for lunch on Saturday. Kim had a great time helping me. Sunday we went for lunch for celebrate Robert's birthday. I hope this is the beginning of her feeling better.

I have been knitting. I finally finished a pair of swap gloves. I need more practice at this type of knitting. It is not fair isle and the name is eluding me now. Intarsia, that's it. Robert thinks it looks cool as it makes the picture stand out more. I need to send it off later today or tomorrow as it is already a week late.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's about time

It's been OVER a month, so Linda goes and awards me this:

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