Monday, July 14, 2008

Home, Sweet Home

ETA: I am putting some short videos up on Flickr too, but I'm not sure where they will land yet. They are jellyfish from the aquarium!

We got home Friday evening. I slept for the next 10 hours! It was a fun, educational and hot trip. We took tons of pictures from the train windows. I haven't sorted through them too much, or labeled, but if you go to my Flickr page, on the right side the top three sets are from this trip. We learned that getting a sleeper room is much more comfortable than coach. :)

Kim goes in for an endoscopy tomorrow morning. We are to get there at 10:30 and they start the procedure at noon. It's supposed to be quick. I hope she handles the medication well.

Our attendant on the train. She was a real gem!

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Kristine said...

Good thoughts for Kim.