Monday, June 30, 2008

Drifting Along

In knitting news I have finished some things finally!

I finished some dishcloths for a BBQ swap I am involved in. I realized as I was making them, that I could make some for me, so that will be on the agenda soon.

I finished a pair of lace fingerless gloves for my bff Julie, who I hope to see next week while in California. These are the same gloves I made for a Spring Fingerless Mitt Swap. This is Socks that Rock in Lightweight, colorway is Moody Blues. And I still have half a skein left.

And I finished my Mr Greenjeans. I am hesitant to like it yet. I am going to put in two more button holes at least. Has anyone done that after the knitting is complete? Kind of like steeking a buttonhole? I think it can be done, just carefully.

In Kim news, the GI doctor switched her medications again, back to a stronger acid reducer. It still makes her nauseas, but it's within her limit. If she's not feeling better in two weeks, right about the time we come back from California, then we will proceed with an endoscopy to see if he can see anything. She doesn't want to do it, but I think it's inevitable unless she starts feeling much better in the next week and a half!

Speaking of California, I can't wait, except I know I am going to be exhausted from the get-go! We take the train down on July 5, get there in the mid morning on the 6th, come back on the 10th, getting home in the late afternoon of the 11th. On the way down we are in coach seating, so not much rest for us. On the way back, we decided to do a roomette, which does give us space to stretch out and sleep, if we can. Kim and I both think it will be fun. We will be down there to see mom and dad, and to celebrate dad's 71st birthday. I just realized that I don't have a gift for him, so am trying to figure out what to get him or make him! Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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PNWBookGirl said...

Does he golf? You could do golf club covers - oddly shaped socks. ;^)

Best wishes for Kim and that you both have a great trip! I envy you all that uninterrupted knitting time too.