Sunday, April 06, 2008

Momma said........

*Worked Monday--too tired to knit in the evening
*Worked Tuesday--too tired to knit in the evening
*Wednesday--Ran errands all day, just enough time for supper then to a new class--no time to knit
*Thursday--Dentist appt for Kim--knit for 20 minutes, voice lesson for Kim(I made phone calls)--20 minutes to knit, then we went across Portland to see my uncle--too tired to knit in the evening from all the driving
*Friday--ER from 7:30am-12:30pm with Robert, too worried to knit, except for about 20 minutes.
*Saturday--seriously exhausted from ER visit and lack of sleep Friday night due to Robert up 3 or 4 times during the night.
*Sunday--laundry, work that was brought home, can I knit tonight, PLEASE?

And we start all over again tomorrow.

I hate weeks like this!!

(Robert has a kidney stone, that's why we were at the ER for him Friday morning. He's feeling better, but it hasn't passed yet.)

Oh, and beside the urologist appt we have tomorrow, I need to get Kim in to see her own dr. She has been off her feet pretty much all week due to a painful foot that she can barely walk on. My uncle(ortho doc) says it's likely to be tendonitis, but since it hasn't responded to Ibuprofen or Naproxyn, it's time for an x-ray.


Donna said...

Good luck with Kim's foot! Em's been having trouble with her feet too, and we're at the physiotherapist/podiatrist/$300 custom made orthotics stage. I'm crossing my fingers for you! Hope Robert is feeling better soon, too.

Linda said...

Sounds like a BAD week! I hope this week is better and that Kim and Robert feel better soon. One week 'til camp, and hopefully you'll have a bit of time for knitting.

Roxie said...

Oh, blessings, dear! What a miserable week. Poor Robert, but at least he has an inkling of what labor and delivery is like. Hope everyone gets all better right away so you can enjoy camp to the fullest!

Michael said...

What a horrible week! Hopefully this week has gone better.