Thursday, March 20, 2008


Good news, no problems with the suspected lump on the left breast, just a cyst. I'm good 'til next year!

We are on our drive to the desert and I can finally get on line. Dinner tonight was at Andersen's Pea Soup in Santa Nella. Yummy!!! We saw Mt Shasta this morning with almost no clouds and lots of sunshine. So far the warmest I have seen is 71 F. It feels so good!

Jelly Belly Factory.

Full moon over the Central Valley.


Linda said...

Yaaay! Glad to hear you're OK! You tell yourself "it's nothing" but the worrying part of your brain never believes it. I've been through it a number of times, too. Have a great time in the desert. See you soon!

tapmouse said...

Glad to hear you got good news!

Also glad to hear you may be at Purlescence on Wednesday!

So it looks like you hit Fairfield at some point. Isn't the Jelly Belly Factory fun? I've been there maybe 3 times-you'd think I would have been more since we make treks up that way often since my mom is from Fairfield and I still make regular trips up there to see relatives.

I know you are having a fun time!

Roxie said...

What a splendid relief! Now you can really enjoy the trip!

craftybernie said...

What a relief Tammy! I'm so pleased for you. It's very unnerving when you're called back!

BTW, your photos are beautiful - especially the snow covered mountain!

Have a great scarf swap!

Bernie ISE6

PS don't forget to post on the ISE6 blog when you get a chance.

Sharon said...

Just catching up on your blog posts, I'm so glad it's nothing serious.

A few of us started knitting at Insomnia on Thursdays again. Hope you and Kim will join us!