Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spring is in the air

Kim and I took a drive up to Tacoma on Friday. We spent a couple of hours at Madrona Fiber Arts Festival. It is small, but extremely friendly. We came home with yarn for two sweaters, several pairs of socks, some roving and some cute little quilted bags. I'd love to go for the whole weekend just to spend time with friends. Maybe next year.

Today the sun shone beautifully, it was almost 60 degrees out front and on the back porch close to 70.

I love our purple crocuses.

The slugs do too. :(

While I was taking these pictures, there was a bird just singing his heart out. I looked up for him and he was almost right above me in the tree, less than 10 feet away. He didn't even startle when I stood up. Oregon Junco.

I have been knitting, but the combination method is very slow going for me. I can't wait till the end of April when I take a class from Annie, maybe it will help make it easier for me to understand what I am actually doing. I did start reading her book the other night. It is very good!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Thank you for all of the compliments. I have to agree with you, my model is beautiful and so is the sweater. :) You could say I am a bit biased. (What gets me though is that I was gangly and homely at that age and she isn't)

There was a peek of sun today so I took some posed pictures of my Lenore's. To bad I don't have any Poe laying around. When I started these socks, I was trying to make them way too hard! I did that top cuff, then did it again, thinking I had to. They were tight, so I went back to reread the directions, and I realized I didn't need to do those 24 rows twice. Sometimes I am a dunce! After frogging them, they fit much better. I tried the heel that she wrote for this pattern and found it didn't fit my foot either so did my regular short-row heel. I like it so much better. I soaked them last night in a bit of vinegar water to make sure the dye was set, then some Eucalan.

This is definitely a pattern I will use again, it was easy after the cuff. The pattern is Lenore by Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee. It was from the RSC October 2007 kit.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Finished Sweater

Kim's finished Kilcar. This is my favorite photo of all we took that day. This is a really warm sweater. I tried it on even before Kim knew it was finished. Shhh. We haven't sewn on the buttons yet. We have two nice big wooden ones.

The next project already on the needles and it looks pretty. I don't have pictures yet of how much further along I am, it's not much though. The pink in the photo below is more of a purpley-pink. And the green isn't so vibrant.

It will be this, for me.

And another project, Lenore from RSC October's package. I have about 3-4 inches left to finish them. They probably won't get done until Wednesday though, as I worked today and will again tomorrow.

The sun has been shining, and the crocus are in bloom. Spring is just around the corner we hope.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

You Make My Day

Thank you Deb for making my day. I never know who may see my blog and it feels good to know that I have touched someone. I met Deb during the MS3, we were able to get together a couple of times to knit on our stoles. So, in keeping with the spirit, I have listed below 10 blogs that inspire me. There are a lot of other blogs out there that I read and am inspired by, but these 10 are the ones I chose this time.

Local writer, knitter, Sanna's Bag
You should check out her books!

Local mom and knitwear designer, Chrissy at Knittin' Mom
Designs for the real woman.

Another Oregonian I met at Camp Cockamamie last year, homeschool mom, quilter and knitter Knit One Quilt Too
Her quilts for the Sister's Quilt Show are beautiful!

Local homeschool mom, knitter, and ESL teacher, Magpie Ima
Check out her Monday Mosaics.

A Camp Cockamamie friend who is coming back this year! FiberFish
She knits like the wind!

My cousin and her new family. The Development of Lucas
New baby on the way, and it's a girl!

Women writers that I enjoy. Girls Write Out
Christian fiction.

A food blog!Coconut & Lime

A local homeschooling mom(her kids are grown up now)My Journey with Leukemia