Saturday, January 05, 2008

Have I Mentioned GAUGE lately?

First I'm going to woo you with a Finished Object of great beauty!! The sweater called Lisa.
It is a Debbie Bliss pattern out of her book 7. The yarn is also Debbie Bliss, Cashmerino Aran. I used US 4's to get gauge and it is a little bit snug, but I think it will work.

I will be taking a picture of it on a real live body, probably Monday. I am so happy to have it done, but when I post the other photo's of it, I'll go into a bit of the nightmare aspects of this knit.

Now onto my gauge issues AGAIN. After casting off of Lisa and weaving all of the ends in, I started on Kim's Kilcar. I had swatched it, and was going down something like 5 needle sizes!! to try to get gauge. I figured I could start on the sleeves and make my gauge work that way. I started and did the first two repeat sections on US size 5. The pattern is 10 rows long, so it's not too bad. After doing the two repeats, I had Kim try it around her upper arm. The pattern doesn't decrease or increase going up the arm at all, so I knew it would be the same measurement at the top. It was fairly snug, so instead of ripping out, I switched to US 7's and it looks like it might actually work out. The sweater is baggy as it is, it's like a sweater-coat. I've been told that the pattern is similar to the Monkey socks by Cookie A. And, I think I am getting gauge in the pattern on the size 7's. THANK YOU GAIL for the idea.


Roxie said...

omigawdomigawdomigawd that is a gorgeous sweater! LOVE the color! LOVE the cables! Knock your socks off, stone the crows splendid!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful!!

Jean said...

What a gorgeous sweater! I'm so proud of you. I can't wait to see it on.

Tiggywinkle Knits said...

WoW! That is some sweater! Can't wait to see it modeled on someone.

Thanks for the comment on my blog; Dad got a real hoot out of them.

Neuroknitter said...

Your Lisa sweater looks great!!! Can't wait to see it modeled! I'm glad you're getting the Kilcar to work out for you!! It's going to be beautiful on Kim!