Thursday, December 13, 2007

Weather pictures and blah, blah, blah

I just posted about a beautiful scarf package I got from my ISE5 pal over on that blog if you want to read it.

We've had a busy few weeks, though not a lot of knitting has gotten done. I've been working lots of hours(for me anyways). I've spent some time out in Vernonia doing flood clean out. That really wears on a person! We are so blessed to having not experienced anything like that. I hope they can get some of those homes done quickly. We are starting into our Christmas activities, visiting with friends, attending holiday parties, etc. I think between now and Christmas, I have 7 nights where I will be out attending different events, or hosting events at my home. Robert says I can't add anymore or I will be exhausted by the time Christmas gets here. True enough. Hmmph, and I thought I would have two weeks of nothing! No classes to get kids to, or work. It just got replaced with other stuff that's all. Oh and we don't have our tree yet, so we need to get out to find a Douglas Fir.

In knitting news, I did actually get another pair of Fetching done. And about 4 inches done on Lisa. I am finally to the decreases of the armhole. That's it. I still have about 1/4 of the test knit to do. I really want to get that done by Monday! Can I do it?

Snow from a couple of weeks ago.

Sunrise on Tuesday this week.

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Shelly said...

Beautiful pictures. That storm was amazing. I feel bad about what the people in Vernonia and the coast are dealing with right now. How nice of you to go out and help.