Monday, December 31, 2007

Random Christmas Images

Some random images that I wanted to share with you, even though Christmas was last week. There is some knitting in there too.

Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland. I went out on a Saturday night with some girlfriends. We hit the shopping downtown and saw all the lights. It was a great time!

A Gap store with their yarn balls, cables and scarves.

The view when we finally went to get our Christmas tree.

Modified Fetching for Kim's voice teacher. She likes purple like me. :)

Christmas Day it snowed!! But, it didn't stick.

An interesting nativity scene. It came from my grandmother, and I am sure that most of it is from overseas, though I don't know where it's from. There are a ton of camels, and wisemen.

Dashing for John, done after Christmas. He LOVES them and hardly takes them off. Nearly everyday he has said "Thank You, Mom for making these for me." Makes my heart warm.

Robert's heavily modified Dashing.

Dashing is a mitt, not with the little fingers you see above. Both my guys wanted the fingers, so I adapted it. I also had to make a bigger size for Robert and I didn't like the lone cable, so added a cable on another section, just half way up the 10 rows between the original cables. I like it a lot better. I also had to refigure where the thumb should go on the right one. They weren't fitting correctly. Now they are definitely left and right.

I've been working on Lisa, the purple cabled sweater. I am over half done. Probably not quite 3/4 yet. I've started swatching for Kim's sweater. It will be Kilcar by Debbie Bliss. I need to wash my swatch and see what happens. Kim chose the blue tweed for this and it is very pretty!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I love the GAP display with the yarn. Very cute. I'd love to decorate a tree all in knitwear and yarn and needles. That would be so cute.

Don't you just love fetching. I made some for my mom and they are so quick. I think I will knit a bunch for next year.

Roxie said...

Lovely knitting. You do such nice work! And wonderful, wonderful photos!