Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's been a while

A good 9 days it's been since I visited my blog. It's been an incredibly busy time. I don't know how parent's or anyone for that matter, work full-time and still have time to come home and get ready for Christmas? I've worked two days each of the last two weeks and I feel like I can't get anything done. We've done a couple of family things this season, like finally getting our tree, but taking almost all week until we actually got it in the house and decorated. Good grief. We usually get it the first weekend of December. I uploaded over 90 pictures today, just from the last 9 days! Full of fun Christmas stuff, but it's been just go-go-go, usually not that way for us this time of year.

We went as a family to downtown Portland to the waterfront to watch the Christmas Ships Parade. It was much smaller than when we first saw them. The first year we went, the kids might have been 3 and 8, there were at least 30 ships that year. This year, there were a total of 9. I was bummed by it, and it was cold, but the lights of downtown were pretty. I didn't use the flash for these and had to stay absolutely still. Obviously from the blur, I can't do that. :)


Roxie said...

Love the Christmas ships! They sail in different parts of the rivers on different nights, and not everyone goes to every sailing. The Columbia sailing may have been bigger, or the Sellwood congregation may have. One year, friends were living in an apartment facing the columbia, and held their annual caroling party on the same night as the ships. We stood on the patio and sang to them, and the acoustics of the enclosure were such that they could hear us on the river. That was an evening of great Joy to the World!!

You know the reason for the season. As long as you celebrate that, the rest is just sprinkles on the cookie.

Sharon said...

Yay, Christmas boats! We haven't gone to see them in about 8 or 9 years. The last time, it was such a bitter cold night. But I always enjoy it--I grew up in eastern Massachusetts, and the Christmas ships are so uniquely Portland.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.