Monday, November 12, 2007

The Stash Sale

Before pictures.

You can see the yarn on the racks, and those bins are at least 3/4 full.

60 people in line at 9:45?

Looking through their armloads of yarn.

Bags of yarn!
Do I really need all of this yarn?

At one point, the check out line was at least 10 deep with three or four lines.
Empty racks.

Pictures Kim took while she explored the Inn.

Metal chickens.

We sat and knit the rest of the afternoon.
Came home and crashed!


Kristine said...

So jealous.

So incredibly jealous.

Lucky you! /hug

Linda said...

Wow! It looks as crazy as I imagined it would. You must have been sooo tired after that day!

Tammy said...

Hi! I was just oohing and aahing over all that STR! Oh, and the other pictures are great too! ;)

Roxie said...

Great pictures! Talk about feeding frenzy.

The picture of the goldfish pond, with the cloud reflections is just splendid!

Angela said...

I love Kim's photos and it was a pleasure to see both of you again.

Did you notice that Holly and I have the same lean to the left while spinning?

HomeJewel said...

I'm glad you were able to go when there was still yarn available. What did you get? I planned on going in the afternoon, but read on Ravelry that it was pretty much cleaned out by noon. Maybe next year.

thanks for your well wishes on my recovery :)