Monday, November 19, 2007

Packages from Far, Far Away

I made this little box. Started it Saturday afternoon and finished it today. Isn't it cute? It even has working drawers. Did I do it from scratch? Nope! It was a kit that came as part of a package on Saturday. From Canada.

The package came from my birthday swap partner on Ravelry. Lisa, turned 30+ this year and celebrated by traveling around Europe. So, our packages to each other didn't arrive on our actual birthdays.

The pretty Opal in the lavender, yellow and black, is from Austria. The purple and blue yarn at the bottom of the package is from the It is called Memories. I've already started using the handbag, you can see my checkbook sticking out. It is perfect for those short trips to the grocery store when you don't need your knitting bag. There was a journal, pens, a little flower garden, Eucalan, tea buds, hot cocoa and swiss chocolate that is creamy and yummy, hand lotion and a little book to put photos in. Thank you so much Lisa, this was a great swap!

More mitts, these are Cleckheaton Country Silk in a pretty olive green color. I finished them on Saturday night and cast on for the ones below. It's some leftover Rocky Horror from when I did a hat for Robert. I hope I can get a whole pair out of the leftovers! They will go to my nephew who's dad went to OSU, so Walt, the nephew is an avid Beaver's fan, just like his aunt and uncle!

My Lisa. I started it one day last week. I wanted to do it in the round, but at the time, I couldn't get my mind around converting the pattern. I am doing both the front and the back on the same needle, since you work to the arm holes using the same pattern. It is from Debbie Bliss book 7. The yarn is DB, cashmerino aran, and it is this deep of a purple.

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Sidsel said...

Hi again
What a beautiful colour and lovely yarn..Think your Lisa will be pleased..Have a nice week..I'll be back *giggle* :)