Sunday, November 04, 2007

I fixed it!

Friday morning while I was waiting for my CT appoinment, I ripped it back to the cables and stuck it back on the needles. It's not perfect, I think I left out two rows near the top, but it is so much better than it was! Btw, the CT was quick and painless, almost noiseless too. I had an MRI done last year and it was so noisy, I was expecting that! I don't think I could have done the noise this time around. Hopefully I will have some news or (there's nothing wrong with you) on Monday.


Bliss said...

When I had my first MRI for MS, I discovered that I was claustrophobic. Not a great time to figure that out when they are putting your head in a cage, and pushing you into a casket-like device. Hello panic...enter valium.

I always wondered why they gave me a set of ear phones, and a wide selection of music to choose from. Once the pounding starts, you can't hear anything but that. Yikes!

Of course the MRI is just one big magnet, and I realized why I had to take off my underwire bra. Later I had a giggle at the idea of my chest stuck to the inside of that machine. Heh.

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Roxie said...

The mitts are gorgeous. I love that, with your eye for detail, you crossed the cables one way on one cuff and the other way on the other cuff. Brilliant!

Actually, the news you want is, "Ah ha! Here's your problem! the fix is quick, cheap, easy and infallible. You just need more chocolate."

Linda said...

Your Fetchings are lovely! They are inspiring me to make a pair for my friend. I hope you get some answers from the CT scan. Take care!