Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kim's winnings

Roxie asked to see Kim's prizes from the spinning competition. First though, I have to show you one of the items she bought. There was a booth that was really different. A Peruvian (?) man had a rather large booth with capes, shawls, sweaters and lots of other goodies from Peru. Alpaca goodies. This shawl is alpaca, very soft, very warm and cuddly. It is a pretty cream color and will go nicely with her Halloween costume/dress from last year.

T-shirt, bumps, and ribbon. She plans to ply the two colors together. Should be interesting.

And her own spinning wheel. One of her friends who was at the festival bought this and presented it to her after the competition results. I thought it was cute.


Roxie said...

Lucky Kim! Lovely shawl and oh such fun colors to ply together!

Shelly said...

Congrats Kim! and that shawl is gorgeous.