Saturday, August 11, 2007

Screaming Demons

Urr, I suppose that should be Angels.

This is what you get when they are screaming right over your house!!

Or about a mile away and you can see them perfectly!!

This weekend is the Oregon Air Show. About every other year or so the Blue Angels come. They practice for two days, then do their show for two days. There are other aspects to the air show, but these pilots really are awesome!! Some years it is the Thunderbirds.

You think you have them on your screen, then poof they are gone and you are left with blue sky or tree branches. It makes for an interesting Saturday Sky if nothing else.

Spending my last two years of high school just miles from an Air Force base, this brings back those memories of Sunday mornings, knowing I could sleep in and having the jets take off at 5 and 6 in the morning for their practice. They would swing around and do touch and go's, just touch down, then swing back into the air. It would literally rattle the windows.


Roxie said...

Oh envy! You get the best of the show with none of the crowds! How awesome.

Mrs. Darling said...

I didnt know you lived right under all that! Hubby says the blue angels are the only thing he cares to see at the air show. They are pretty cool.

L-B said...

They are so thrilling to watch!
When we went to Nova Scotia on our honeymoon, we landed at Yarmouth airport and were delayed going to Halifax because the Canadian Snowbirds were peforming. We were able to watch from the runway!