Saturday, August 04, 2007

MS3 Meetup

Today some of the local Mystery Stole 3 knitters met up at Twisted a new yarn shop in town. I love this shop!! The gals are young, hip, and remember me by name when I come in. I will continue to drop in there when I can! Anyways, there were 7 stoles present every color and texture different. Mine is the light gray in front. That one on the back side on the right is PURPLE, and the one on the left is slightly variegated. They are all very pretty!!

We discussed the theme, which was revealed yesterday along with an interesting design element. I think it's pretty neat, but there are many who don't like it and will make their stole symmetrical. Oh you want to know what the theme is?

Swan Lake, and it has a wing as part of the stole. I can't fully picture it, but I think the wing section will be the right side of the stole and will come up over the left side. I may have it backwards and I may not understand it at all, but I am still going to do it.

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