Monday, August 13, 2007

I thought I'd be Knitting Today........

But, I have been on Ravelry most of the day. Exploring, adding stash items, completed projects and just spending way too much time on there!!

I did spend all weekend knitting on the Indigo Ripples Skirt from IK Spring 2007. I saw the skirt in person at Black Sheep this year and just loved the way it looked. I am about half way through the lace section, then there is a ruffle to do. I am doing it in Knit Pick's Cot-Lin, Nightshade, but have some Royal Plum for a second one. I started this on Thursday morning, and have really enjoyed knitting it!!

We have an apointment with the Oral Surgeon this afternoon to figure out why John's jaw is sore. It kind of sounds like TMJ, so we aren't sure which direction to go with it. The pediatrician wasn't too much help last week, and the regular dentist told us to start at the ped's office.


Chrispy said...

Your Indigo Ripple is looking great. I would say you seem like a faster knitter than me, but I had extenuating circumstances while knitting this lovely skirt.

Roxie said...

Blessings on John. Hope it's something minor and easy to cure.

The skirt is gorgeous. will you line it, or wear it over a slip? You quick knitter!

Suz said...

Ravelry looks like it's going to be a naughty indulgence for all of us :-)

Fortunately 15000 are ahead of me in line, so it will be a while before I'm hooked!!

The skirt is intriguing and lovely. Can't wait to see it on!!