Friday, August 03, 2007


Here's where part of my day went. I am not liking my photo program right this minute. There's a different picture I wanted to upload, but it was making it sideways and it wouldn't save it when I rotated it. URGH!!

Anyways, these are the flowers for church tomorrow. The woman in charge of flower committee went with me, but most of the flowers were my idea and my work. The glads are cream with this incredible pink coming out of them. There are two colors of carnations, a brilliant pink and a light pink. Then there are these other little lily-like flowers that are so delicate but they last forever. We used 4 different colors of those, pinks, yellows, burgundy and cream. Then a few sprigs of some yellow stuff and ferns. It comes home with me tomorrow. :)

I think I know why I dread doing the flowers. It is for church and it is just too much pressure to make it absolutely perfect. And the unknowns of whether the person who is sponsoring it will like it. Is there a hole anywhere that should have had another flower in it. I don't think I will be doing this next year. Unfortunately, I have 3 more to do this year. Fortunately, only one is for someone else. I have 7 weeks until I do the next one. And it will center around Fall, though I will have to also think about what the sponsor wants.


Frieda said...

Tammy - I'm in awe of all your amazing talents. Really miss y'all.

Jen said...

The flowers are gorgeous...really beautiful!