Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Cakes of Color

This is a little darker than the picture says it is. For a sweater. Recognize the top one? It will take me FOREVER!

Silkie STR for knee hi's for ME!

Lover's Leap for a project I messed up on the first time. It is this BRIGHT.


Chrispy said...

You are braver than me to knit that sweater. I just got some silkie to play with. I love it.

Jan said...

This is off topic, just a message from me.

I go the oncologist this Saturday at 10:30 am local time, 8:30 am your time. If you're up at that time saturday, say a prayer or whatever is your belief to do.

I am still enjoying that jam and fruit spread! When nothing else sounds good, toast with Oragon jam/spread hits the spot! Also, the jam is the perfect dipping sauce for cream cheese stuffed fried jalepeno peppers!

Miss you my friend.