Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer Days of Fun

Updated, I thought I had added the photo of all of the socks and I can see now that I didn't. Oops.

We ran to the fair this morning to see what we could see!!! Just a quick trip though, I think I'll go back tomorrow to see more. All of today's pictures are courteous of my new camera, which I think I LOVE!

Lookie at the 1st place ribbon on Kim's bag!! Her own design!!

My socks received 2nd Place, which was actually a little disappointing because they had a pattern, lace even, and the other socks were plain vanilla socks, except the Rock N Weave on the far left. I can see the argyle getting a blue, but not the ones on the front row that are just plain except for the yarn colors. I'm not really upset by it, because I am so tickled that Kim got a blue ribbon!!

Ok, I think the Rock N Weave should have won something more than a 3rd! I am going to have to go back now and see which category each sock was in.

Then we headed to downtown Portland for the Oregon Brewer's Festival. Drinking beer is tiring!! Actually, I just take sips from each kind. I don't like beer too much, so a little sip to see if it's something I would even consider drinking. A lot of them were good!! Several were nasty, too hoppy, or one had a molasses and heavy alcohol flavor. I prefer the malted taste instead. We had a good time, the weather wasn't too hot, and if it did heat up, the breeze from the river cooled us off. We went yesterday afternoon, just Robert and myself, then today Kim came with us. She loves the rootbeer garden. Kids and designated drivers get free rootbeer, orange cream and vanilla cream floats. The orange cream was to die for!!

Random images from the festival.

There's a guy in a kilt there, the one in the middle of the three, with his shirt unbuttoned. I learned after the fact that my camera could have done a REALLY GOOD close up. Oh well.

This is how I learned it could do a good closeup. This was a good 8 feet away from us. It was cute watching two little brothers, probably 3 and 4 playing with their Thomas the Tank Engine trains. We still have ones like this that John adored when he was little.

No MS3 pictures or any other knitting. I have been plugging away on the knitting, but I either can't show you, or it's not very interesting. It's almost like I got stuck on this last clue for MS3. I've only gotten through 22 rows. I was too busy all last weekend into the week and finishing the week. Bad knitter!


Donna said...

Way to go, Kim! And I think you were ripped off on your socks, Tammy.

Roxie said...

Yay Kim!

And Tammy, sometimes the difference between a blu and a red ribbon hinges on the color of the yarn or the judge's personal preference for cables over lace or a perfectly kitchnered toe over a toe-up design. Your work is blue-ribbon in MY book!