Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Finished 4th of July Socks

I finished up my 4th of July socks on Sunday evening while we watched "Return of the King." They are a bit slouchy, but I think they are fairly comfortable for being real sock weight. I told dh that I was spoiled by STR, I like the feel of it so much better.

I also finished a test knit for some anklets that are just cute!! Lacy fold-over cuff. Once I got the cuff down, the rest was basic sock.

The flu has visited our house. Robert came home with it on Thursday night in the form of a sore throat. He thought it might be strep at first, the next day it was the fever and chills and feeling like you were hit by a Mack truck. He was sick all weekend and has taken two more days this week. He is still coughing a lot!! Kim came down with it Sunday night and I woke with a sore throat and headache on Monday. We are taking it really easy this week!! Lots of knitting was getting done, then I ripped out 5 inches of two socks. I thought they were just too small. Though I'm on row 63 of MS3. This is the first clue and there are 99 rows total for this clue. The group closes on Friday, July 6 if you still want to join.


Cindy said...

I love the socks! Perfect timing. :)

Sorry to hear the flu bug found your house. Hope it leaves soon!

We're neck and neck on the MS3 now. I think I'm on row 71. I only manage to do a couple of rows at a time when I take breaks, but I think I'll be done before Friday. Hope the next clue doesn't have 99 rows! LOL

Donna said...

Cute socks!
Our family is just getting over the flu, too. Hope you're all feeling better soon.
I've downloaded the first MS3 clue, but I'm trying to resist casting on, because I know my other projects will suffer if I do!!

Donna said...

Erm, that was me. Bit too quick with the enter key ;)

Roxie said...

Those socks make me want to stand up and salute!

Hope you recuperate fast. Go hang out in the sun this afternoon and just BAKE it out of you!!

Deb said...

The socks really turned out nicely. So cute! I know what you mean about the BMF yarn. I am knitting with Vesper--it keeps splitting.
I have two more shawl knitters for the group:)
I hope you are all better soon.

Kim said...

I bought the same yarn last summer when I saw the yarn harlot speak(souvenir yarn). I too have been spoiled by wonderfully squishy yarns. My real question was why make this in a wool and not a cotton blend. Way too hot for wool socks on the 4th in Chicago. :-)