Thursday, June 28, 2007

What does this mean?

Ok, I just want to make sure I understand this correctly.

"Professional means anyone who receives pay from a vocation or hobby for an item in which they are entering."

This means that if I enter something that I am getting paid to make, I become a professional. Correct? So, I can enter something I have made, but not made for pay and be considered the average Joe? I just have to be clear on this.

Roxanna, I am expecting you will know what I am looking at............:) Anyone else want to guess what I am doing?


Roxie said...

If you get paid to make sweaters, and you are entering a sweater, then you have to enter as a professional. If you get paid to make sweaters, and you enter socks, then you can enter the socks as an amatuer. State Fair or County Fair? Good for you!! I gotta get my stuff organized! Thanks for the nudge. And best of luck!

Shelly said...

I agree with Roxie on the professional/amatuer designation. My guess is State Fair(?). Good luck! Have you considered entering your jam, too?