Saturday, June 09, 2007


If you've read Yarn Harlot today, you'll see me in the second to the last photo on today's post. I was the "hat lady" for Portland. The hats are going to go to Outside In a local shelter for homeless teens and young adults. We ended up with 29 adult hats and 11 baby/toddler hats. That was a great job!! (see the little orange/black hat on the left side of the picture, Roxie was working on that during the talk and finished it before the talk was done. Thank you Roxie.) Though embarrassing during the moment she called me to come to the front. Thank you to the red hat lady as well. She must have put 6 red hats into the basket as I passed by her. I left the basket and quickly escaped back to my daughter. We got a good spot in line, maybe 20 or so from the front, then we sat to the side to wait until the end to take the hats and photos. It was great watching everyone come up to meet Stephanie. You see all kinds of bloggers that you only recognize from their blog names! We had a great time, though can't imagine how she does it. We were exhausted last night and still today!! She must have a lot of energy. And how does she know I collect spoons? I know it's in my last blog post, so that must tell you something about her, she reads blogs when she can!

If you notice in the photo that Stephanie took, I am not wearing a purple sweater. :( I didn't get it done because I got frustrated with the button bands. It was so close!! I guess I could have worn it with the 1/2 band pinned on. Boy wouldn't that have looked nice. It's kind of funny because when I googled buttonbands, one of Stephanie's posts from 2004 was in the top 5 hits!

Oh, something interesting happened to us after leaving Stephanie and Tina last night as we all headed to our cars. This good looking young man was walking the same direction as Kim and myself, held the door for us to get into the building where the parking garage was and asked if we had been at Powell's? We said, yes (I'm carrying the basket of hats), and he said he had heard all of the noise and come to investigate. He enjoyed listening to Stephanie's worries about hairless sheep and blights and such. He knew we were having a good time. His next comment was, "So, knitting must be a great HOBBY." I almost choked and looked at him a little funny. My reply, "No............" His, "Oh an obsession then?" "Yes, that would work." I didn't remember the really good comeback until we were in the van. "No, it's a lifestyle." I hate that!! I wish I was a quicker thinker on my feet!

So, the only pictures taken last night came out really blurry, except one of Stephanie signing Kim's newspaper. And one long distance one of the guy introducing Stephanie.

I did finish a pair of socks this week or was it last week? I don't know, my time has all run together lately.

Mystic Sea socks from the Sock Camp wildlife cruise. Pattern by Cass White, yarn by BMFA, in the colorway LunaSea. One mod, that was to go down just a couple of stitches once I got past the heel, so it would fit my foot better. I was able to continue the pattern fairly easy on down the foot.

I have a full week, work, oral surgery for the son after finals are done this week, and who knows what else. Hopefully a done sweater!!


Roxie said...

My pictures turned out blurry, too. Must have been the intese energy generated by all those excited knitters.

Best of luck and many blessings on your upcoming week! And good luck with that button band.

Kristin said...

Thanks for the peek into Stephanie's visit. I wish I could have been there. I'm almost to the toe on my first Mystic Sea sock. It's going slowly only because I've been working on so many other things. I keep it in my bag for waiting times when I'm out. Yours look great!

Lavendersheep said...

I thought you looked familiar up front. I think I was pretty exhausted by the end though and not thinking clearly. Otherwise I most certainly would have come up and chatted with you.

Fyberduck said...

I wish the Harlot's site had listed you as the Hat Lady in advance, we have a ton of hats here we want to donate :(

I really thought it was cool that you gave a copy of the article to the Harlot, I'm sure she appreciated it!