Thursday, June 14, 2007

Chipmunk Cheeks

Isn't he cute? He looks just like my son with those puffy cheeks.

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least. John had his wisdom teeth removed. Wow, they really do a number on you at this office. They totally knock you out and are done in less than an hour and send you home still woozy and wobbly. He spent all day in the recliner, mostly sleeping. I didn't hear him at all during the night, so he must have slept fairly well. When I checked on him this morning at 6:30, he'd been awake for at least a half hour with the itchies. He may be allergic to the antibiotic, so when I called the office this morning they said he didn't need to take it, it was just a preventative in case there had been an infection. Today he's up and on the computer again. Yeah for that. I didn't think I would ever hear myself saying that, but after seeing him out most of yesterday, I am thankful he feels like playing computer games.

I am so close to being done on my sweater!!! I am up to the collar now. I will have to go back and buy one more button. I put my button holes 2 1/2 inches apart, because that was how far the bottom ones were, not realizing there was one on the collar as well. I bought the buttons at the Button Emporium in Portland, so the next time I am in, I will stop by there. She should have them, I think she had at least a half dozen left after I bought my 10.


Roxie said...

Blessings on the boy! And go get that button quick. Maybe call her and see if she will hold one. It would totally suck if she sold the last ones out from under you.

knitphomaniac said...

adorable chipmunk!

And good luck to your John recovering from wisdom-teeth-removal! That's not fun at all. Believe it or not I had 6 removed, I was high on Tylonal 3's for a week!