Sunday, April 01, 2007

More pictures

Thank you to Suz and her husband for identifying the coral looking cactus. They are pencil cholla.

A different set of windfarms on I-10 between Palm Springs and Loma Linda. These are just so neat. Some are small and others are huge!!

The ones below are actually pretty small, even though they tower over us.

This was the main reason I wanted to go to Southern California. If you notice, this is a double headstone. Or it should be........I didn't think about going back to the office to ask when the etching would take place. We had thought it would be done by now.

Just below the headstone above, is this little placard that does have grandma's name, date of birth and death and age on it. Still, I was very disappointed.

Sun and shadow play on the desert.

This is the highest point that you can drive to and easily walk to in JTNP. Looking south, it looks out into the valley and Palm Springs should be down there. To the west there is a pass that brings the smog from the LA area. YUCK!!

I didn't realize that JTNP was a rock climbing haven. When we were there two years ago, we only saw the other side of the park, this time we went in a different entrance and encountered the rocks and climbers. My dad was a climber over 18 years ago, before his health took him in a different direction.

I was having fun with the different settings on my camera. Because of the sun, I couldn't see how this turned out until later when it was on the computer. If I had thought about it, I would have continued playing with the B&W settings more.

I thought this was cool how the sun was hitting the rocks.

I finished my Titania's Revenge on the drive down. I think Thursday afternoon. I made a few modifications to the pattern, just in decreasing stitches which in a couple of spots messed the cable pattern up, but they still look nice. These are made out of the Titania colorway from BMFA and the pattern is by Cookie A. They are from the Rockin' Sock Club last year.

I finished my block on Saturday afternoon and promptly cast on for a pair of socks for Kim, but I STILL have not taken any pictures of them. I am through the heel on one of them and just starting the heel on the other.

This is one of our stops that is always made on our way home. It is right off the freeway in Redding. In California, you can buy alcohol of all kinds, in the grocery stores, here in Oregon, it is just beer and wine. You have to go to a specific liquor store if you want something else. Anyways, this place has everything in one store for very reasonable prices.
This is just a couple of the bottles that we bought. They had the Baileys mint and caramel which we can only find up here around Christmas time, if the stores haven't been sold out. We have never had Frangelico, it is hazelnut and it is yummy. All of these are really good in hot cocoa, or with a little cream and ice.
This is the cindercone by Mt. Shasta. One of the pictures that I didn't take on the way down was of Mt. Shasta. It was clear and you could see the mountain perfectly. It's usually clouded over. I think there have been only two times that we have ever seen the mountain without clouds around it, last August was one of them, this trip down was another. When we came back you could see nothing. We have also never seen snow on the cindercone!!

We had snow coming down from Dunsmuir to Weed, about a 20 mile distance. Then as we headed up the Siskiyous there was more snow. On the California side, it was sunshiney and snowing, once we hit the summit and the north side, it was foggy and cloudy like this. I tried to get a picture of our temperature gauge, but I couldn't get it to come out. The low coming down the Oregon side was 33 degrees F.

Summit of the Siskiyous.

The next day at home, this is what we encountered. Spring had sprung while we were gone.

The grape hyacinths smell like honey and have taken over the yard.

Playing with the sepia setting as we are flying up I-5.

Playing with the B&W setting as we are flying up I-5.

This week when I emailed my uncle, he said there had been snow in Yucca Valley on Wednesday!! I think we left in the nick of time!!


sidsel said...

Hi,I'm enjoying looking at your pictures,specially those from the desert...Fascinating..Wish you a happy easter :)

Tammy said...

Hi Sidsel, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for stopping by.